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Authored by Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes and Dan Wilton of Athabasca University.
Published by the Commonwealth of Learning as a free, open-access text.

Introduction to the Guidebook by Sanjaya Mishra and Martha Cleveland-Innes.
Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes and Dan Wilton
A blend of classroom and web-based teaching and learning offers access to the widest range of learning modes and methods for developing student skills and expertise as learners. Many findings on blended learning show an increase in learners' ability to learn collaboratively, think creatively, study independently and tailor their own learning experiences to meet their individual needs. The Guide to Blended Learning presents new ways of thinking about teaching and learning to help you better prepare your students to learn and develop into 21st-century global citizens.

This guidebook also provides information about some of the technology tools you can use to support in-person delivery in a seamless, truly blended way. Through careful, thoughtful blending and with consideration for technological skill levels and Internet access, learning for anyone can now take place with greater flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced by video presentations by the author and conversations with e-Learning Education Specialist Sanjaya Mishra of the Commonwealth of Learning, the guidebook includes questions for reflection and discussion as well as links to further resources, making it an effective foundation for professional development in blended learning practice, including this MOOC. The topics of the eight chapters cover the full range of considerations for implementing blended learning, from initial conceptual and planning concerns, through the development and structuring of learning activities, and evaluation of blended courses and programs.

The Guide to Blended Learning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and may be used, adapted, and redistributed freely under the same license with proper attribution to its authors. Learn more about Creative Commons.

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